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With Domain Names being taken at an alarming rate, it just makes sense to get your's today... First -- Before someone else has your identity!


What is a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is your address on the Internet. It is your Unique Identity on the Internet that corresponds to your numeric "IP" address. Your domain name is much like a customized license plate or a unique 1-800 number. A domain name also allows you to receive e-mail at a customized e-mail address. If your organization's name is ACME, Inc., you could register the domain name ACME.COM and your e-mail address could be

Why do I need one?
Because a Domain Name is a portable yet permanent and prestigious way of identifying yourself and your business on the World Wide Web. You need one in order to establish name recognition and a global identity on the Internet. Commercially it means having your service or product easily accessible by millions of users of the World Wide Web.

What about a web site?
You are not required to have a web site to register a Domain Name. In fact, if you are considering a web site in the future, you should register a Domain Name now, before it's too late! No hosting charges or any additional charges beyond the registration fee will be incurred. When you are ready, AIMS' professional staff can design and host your web site for a very competitive rate.

If you already have a web site, AIMS can transfer your existing web site and host it at a reasonable monthly charge. First month hosting is free when you transfer an existing web site.

How do I register a Domain Name?
The first step is to check the domain name you desire to see if it is available. To do so, click the "Domain Name Lookup" button above and follow the instructions. When you find an available name, click on the "Register On-line" button to have AIMS' register your domain.

What if the name I want to use is already taken?
It means that someone on the Internet has already secured that name for his or her own site, and that name is probably gone. You may try a slight variation of that name or check again for another name.

Once a domain is registered, who "owns" the domain name?
AIMS will register your domain in YOUR (or your company's) name with AIMS listed as the contact. The Registrant (you or your company) owns that name. AIMS can host your web site and e-mail at very competitive rates, but if you decide to take your business elsewhere, your domain name can go with you.

How Much does it cost?
$35.00 + Sales Tax per year due at registration. Renewal fees are $35.00 + Sales Tax per year thereafter.

How do I pay to register my domain name?
Once you find a domain name you would like to register, simply click the "Register On-line" button and complete the secure registration form using your Mastercard, VISA, or Discover Network, or you may call our office and we will gladly assist you by phone.

Is the registration fee refundable?
No. Refunds on registration fees are non-refundable. Once the domain registration is processed, the service is rendered and work is considered complete.

How long does the registration process take?
Usually 24 hours or less.

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